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Good Boy Dog Scarf
Good Boy Dog Scarf
Good Boy Dog Scarf

Klements London

Good Boy Dog Scarf

£135.00 £135.00

The Good Boy, Dog Scarf is a celebration of the dog world and how our 'fellows' enrich our lives.
Here we chose a few of our favourite fellows (including the Klements studio dogs and our canine friend 'Ted' from Young British Designers!). Pen draw illustrations & watercolour.

The good boys include; Basset Hound's (Wallace Hound and Lell Hound - from Klements), Great Dane, French Bull dog, Chiwawa, Scotty dog, Rehomed rescue dog, Grey hound, Red setter, St Bernard, Alsatian, German Shepherd and wiry Ted (from Young British Designers).


Available in;

140 x 140cm Cotton Silk blend

140 x 140cm Cashmere Modal blend

90 x 90cm Medium size, 100% silk twill