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We had a small collection of ex samples gathering In the studio so decided to share them with you. Samples have either been used in our showroom in New York or Paris for the sales period to boutiques (generally very little use, so often perfect condition!). Or may have been used for press / photo shoots. Sadly due to the nature of samples, most pieces are size Small, but keep an eye out for different sizes when they have been used on shoots, or keep in mind, lots of our products are oversized - a small can be very generous! Everything is still beautifully made in England or Italy. They maybe a little creased after being kept in storage. Sorry the photos aren’t great - we have been trying to get as many pieces up and live on the website as possible.

We usually hold our sample sales here in London, but had such a great response to our last lock down sample sale, we thought we would continue. We love the idea of samples being available to all our fans world wide.

Samples are non refundable but we can exchange or offer credit. 

We send everything out via DHL But maybe a day or two behind during the busy sample sale times.

Thank you again for your support. Sample sales are such a crucial part of running a small luxury fashion label. Although we often make a loss on the pieces sold (1st samples are very expensive to make!), they provide cash flow to us at a time we are sampling and developing the new collection. It’s one big creative circle :)

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