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Feast Square scarf
Feast Square scarf

Klements London

Feast Square scarf

£135.00 £135.00

The feast scarf displays all the opulence of a byzantine feast; figs, pomegranates, avocado, kales. blue berries and darker sinister elements - decaying roses, thorns, embellishment and ancient statues.

The 'Byzantine', strange fruit Collection is inspired by the Byzantine Empire, the opulence, excesses, arts and lavish feasts, their admiration of nature's bounty, tempered by suspicion.

'In Byzantine the drapes remained closed; only with occasional chinks opening here and there to show views of observed nature. This was not because the Byzantines were oblivious to the charms of nature, far from it - but their delight was mingled in distrust.' (Nectar & illusion, Henry Miguire).

Available in

140 x 140cm Silk Chiffon

140 x 140 cm Silk Cotton blend

90 x 90 cm Silk Twill