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Dusk Dress Poison poppy print
Dusk Dress Poison poppy print

Klements London

Dusk Dress Poison poppy print


The Dusk dress is our show stopping dress. A romantic, whimsical, loose, over sized, solid silk dress full of gathers. The dress has large billowing sleeves and button cuffs and a gathered skirt. 

The Poison poppy print is our slightly macabre, trippy take on the famous interior print of poppies that Hendrix wore on a blazer in the 60s. We have used acidic colours, and added in thorns to give our print to a fresh, unusual feel - a step away from a 'normal' floral. 


Made from spare cloth, we only had enough for one dress! One size SMALL - Only one of this dress, in this print exists in the world!

100% Silk.
Fully french seamed.
Made in England, in limited edition.

UK Sizing- (Over sized piece so lots of flexibility in sizes)

S - 10