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Hendrix Collection

There is an urban myth, in which Jimi Hendrix released a pair of Parakeets on Carnaby street in the 60’s which, they say, lead to the lurid green birds colonising parts of London and the UK. This has been disproven, but we still like to believe it to be true. Whilst taking solace in nature walks during the 2020 lock downs we saw hundreds of the magnificent birds, and every time it felt magic, like Hendrix was smile at us.

For our new collection we have collaborated with the Handel and Hendrix Museum in Soho, London. Our collection is a celebration of Hendrix extraordinary life, music and love of extravagant textiles, his idiosyncratic flair for colour and print. Our world became polluted with hazy hedonistic tales of Soho’s fashion scene in the 60’s… what it felt like to walk into boutiques like ‘Granny takes a trip’. Our campaign shoot takes place in Hendrix old Soho apartment.

We have worked with organic cottons, luxurious silks, and silks we have hand dyed in our studio. We make our entire collections in England, slowly, ethically and in tiny batches. In the belief that fashion should not be fast.