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Ode to the Ocean

Klements is forever inspired by the ocean, the power, the fear, the mystery, the freedom. This collection is inspired by Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, dangerous voyages to foreign lands. For the prints  we visited the London Maritime museum and were transported to other times, looking at primitive ocean maps, containing illustrations of seas serpents and spectral monsters living in the borders, describing untraveled oceans and the sailor’s fears of the unknown.

Imagining the tales and stories relayed in dusty old taverns in coastal towns and ports of centuries past. Mostly we imagined the women, whose lives were dictated by the oceans – partners off at sea, often not returning. 

Our womenswear is mainly printed on luxurious silks and GOTS organic cottons and our garments made slowly and ethically here in England, by a small family run manufacturer we have worked with since 2012. Our scarves are made in Como, Italy. We believe in slow fashion, and making things beautiful, so, if looked after, they will last a lifetime.